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Spring 2018

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Sociolinguistics II: Deviance, Dystopia, And Democracy


Part 1 of assignment - Authoring your critical discourse analysis on zombies (Essay 3): 800-word essay that examines language and communication as used in Max Brooks’ novel World War Z. This essay comprises your original contribution to the [ZOMBIES REIMAGINED] project.
Part 2 of the assignment - Create a Timeline or StoryMap to accompany your essay as a visual aid and presentation for readers. This animated visual presentation will be published with your essay to the project website.
Part 3 of the assignment - After revision, use Markdown language to ready your essay for upload to the project webpage. To access the webpage, sign into your Github account, access, and upload your essay (in Markdown) with any images.

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Swarthmore College Provost Office

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Professor Jamie Thomas was awarded a Digital Humanities Curricular Grant from the Provost's Office for use in her spring 2018 course, Sociolinguistics II: Deviance, Dystopia, And Democracy (LING82). The course syllabus, assignment instructions, and student examples are made freely available here courtesy of the author.

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