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College For All: Issues In Higher Education


In this seminar, we examine institutions of higher education as spaces within which individuals and social structures are both reproduced and recreated. Questions to be explored include: How has the (often racist and colonial) history of US postsecondary education shaped its present structures? What are the goals of the many different forms of postsecondary institutions? Who has access - and who controls that access? How do institutional structures and cultures impact student learning, student identity, and student experience? The seminar will focus explicitly on how institutions and student experiences are shaped by the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation.

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Professor Lisa Smulyan was awarded an Aydelotte Curricular Grant from the Aydelotte Foundation for use in her fall 2022 course, College for All: Issues in Higher Education (EDUC 166). The course syllabus is freely available courtesy of the author.

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