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Interaction Of A Cationic Porphyrin And Its Metal Derivatives With G-Quadruplex DNA
E. Boschi, S. Davis, S. Taylor, A. Butterworth, L. A. Chirayath, V. Purohit, L. K. Siegal, J. Buenaventura, A. H. Sheriff, R. Jin, R. Sheardy, Liliya A. Yatsunyk, and M. Azam


Heats Of Mixing Aqueous Electrolytes. XII. Reciprocal Salt Pair Na+,, SO42-
R. H. Wood, D. E. Smith, H. K. W. Chen, and Peter T. Thompson


Enthalpy Of Fusion And Cryoscopic Constant For Ethylene Carbonate
Peter T. Thompson, R. E. Taylor, and R. H. Wood


Synthesis And Preliminary Dna-Interaction Studies Of A New Cationic Porphyrin
N. Robic, C. Bied-Charreton, M. Perrée-Fauvet, C. Verchère-Béaur, L. Salmon, A. Gaudemer, and Robert F. Pasternack


Porphyrin Assembly Formation On Helical Biopolymers
Robert F. Pasternack and E. J. Gibbs


Porphyrin Aggregation In Aqueous Solutions: Small Angle And Quasielastic Light Scattering Results
F. Mallamace, N. Micali, L. Monsù Scolaro, Robert F. Pasternack, A. Romeo, A. Terracina, and S. Trusso


Hemin Binding To Serum Proteins And The Catalysis Of Interprotein Transfer
Robert F. Pasternack, E. J. Gibbs, E. Hoeflin, W. P. Kosar, G. Kubera, C. A. Skowronek, N. N. Wong, and U. Muller-Eberhard


Multiple Signaling Functions Of Song In A Polymorphic Species With Alternative Reproductive Strategies
M. L. Grunst, A. S. Grunst, Vincent A. Formica, R. A. Gonser, and E. M. Tuttle


Murphy, Jeffrie
Krista Karbowski Thomason


The Ends Of Narrative
Richard Thomas Eldridge


Behavior, Cognition And Theories Of Choice
Hugh Lacey and H. Rachlin

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