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Submissions from 2005

The Bargaining Bride: How To Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams Without Paying The Bills Of Your Nightmares, The Bargaining Bride: How To Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams Without Paying The Bills Of Your Nightmares, S. Kronzon and Andrew Ward

Feminisms Of A Third Kind?, Psychology Of Women Quarterly, Jeanne Marecek

Review Of "With All Our Strength: The Revolutionary Association Of The Women Of Afghanistan" By A. E. Brodsky, Feminism And Psychology, Jeanne Marecek


Distance Perception And The Visual Horizon In Head-Mounted Displays, ACM Transactions On Applied Perception, Ross Benjamin Messing , '04 and Frank H. Durgin

Explaining Away Responsibility: Effects Of Scientific Explanation On Perceived Culpability, Ethics And Behavior, J. Monterosso, E. B. Royzman, and Barry Schwartz

Raising Children Who Are Hopeful, Exchange, K. Reivich and Jane Gillham

From Helplessness To Optimism: The Role Of Resilience In Treating And Preventing Depression In Youth, Handbook Of Resilience In Children, K. Reivich, Jane Gillham, T. M. Chaplin, and M. E. P. Seligman


Visual-Vestibular Dissociation: Differential Sensitivity To Acceleration And Velocity, Journal Of Vision, Evan S. Schaffer , '05 and Frank H. Durgin


Choose And Lose, New York Times, Barry Schwartz


De Paradox Van De Keuzevrijheid: Meer Is Niet Beter, NRC Handlesbad, Barry Schwartz


Freedom, Choice, Wealth, And Welfare, Finance And Bien Commun, Barry Schwartz


Opinion: Long Island Topic, Newsday, Barry Schwartz


The Sunk Costs Fallacy: Bush Falls Victim To A Bad New Argument For The Iraq War, Slate, Barry Schwartz


Too Many Choices: Why Seniors Won't Sign Up For The Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Slate, Barry Schwartz

Top Colleges Should Select Randomly From A Pool Of "Good Enough", Chronicle Of Higher Education, Barry Schwartz


Die Qual Der Wahl: Prof. Barry Schwartz Weiß: Mit Der Auswahl Kommen Die Probleme, Fluter, Barry Schwartz and D. Schönlebe

Six-Month-Olds Recognize Clauses Embedded In Different Passages Of Fluent Speech, Infant Behavior And Development, M. Soderstrom, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson, and P. W. Jusczyk


Walking And The Role Of Speed In The Perception Of Time To Contact, Journal Of Vision, Paul Henry Thibodeau , '06; Duncan J. Gromko , '07; and Frank H. Durgin

Submissions from 2004

The Elephant In The Consulting Room: Managed Care And The Practice Of Psychotherapy, Journal Of The American Psychoanalytic Association, Julie Laura Cohen , '02; Jane Gillham; and Jeanne Marecek

Appreciative Inquiry As Dialogue: Generative And Transformative, Constructive Discourse And Human Organization, Kenneth J. Gergen

Foreword, Experiential Learning Exercises In Social Construction: A Field Book For Creating Change, Kenneth J. Gergen

Il Ruolo Della Narrazione Nella Costruzione Della Conoscenaz, Narrare Il Gruppo, Kenneth J. Gergen

La Costruzione Sociale E La Pratica Pedagogica, La Relazione Educativa, Kenneth J. Gergen

Social Constructionism, The Concise Corsini Encyclopedia Of Psychology And Behavioral Science, Kenneth J. Gergen


Sosyal Insa: Batinin Psikolojide Kendi Kendine Konusmasindan Karsihlkh Kuresel Konusmaya, Doğunun Ve Batının Yerelliği: Bireylik Bilgisine Dair, Kenneth J. Gergen

The Self In The Age Of Information, Common Culture: Reading And Writing About American Popular Culture, Kenneth J. Gergen

Social Construction: Entering The Dialogue, Social Construction: Entering The Dialogue, Kenneth J. Gergen and M. Gergen


Dialogue: Life And Death Of The Organization, The SAGE Handbook Of Organizational Discourse, Kenneth J. Gergen, M. M. Gergen, and F. J. Barrett

Social Construction: Vistas In Clinical Child And Adolescent Psychology, Journal Of Clinical Child And Adolescent Psychology, Kenneth J. Gergen, C. Lightfoot, and L. Sydow


Reflections: Between Narcissus And Dorian Grey, Journal Of Community And Applied Social Psychology, M. M. Gergen and Kenneth J. Gergen

Cultivating Optimism In Childhood And Adolescence, Annals Of The American Academy Of Political And Social Science, Jane Gillham and K. Reivich

When Children Ask, "What Is It?" What Do They Want To Know About Artifacts?, Psychological Science, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson; L. C. Egan; and Morghan B. Holt , '03


Two- And Three-Year-Olds Infer And Reason About Design Intentions In Order To Categorize Broken Objects, Developmental Science, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson; Morghan B. Holt , '03; and Louisa Egan , '03

To Eat Or Not To Eat: Implications Of The Attentional Myopia Model For Restrained Eaters, Journal Of Abnormal Psychology, T. Mann and Andrew Ward

Gender Goes Global: Women's Lives In Transnational Perspective, Reviews In Anthropology, Jeanne Marecek

On The Construction Of Gender, Sex, And Sexualities, The Psychology Of Gender, Jeanne Marecek, M. Crawford, and D. Popp

Dharma Dancing: Ballroom Dancing And The Relational Order, Qualitative Inquiry, C. J.S. Picart and Kenneth J. Gergen

'The Social Construction Of Lesbianism': Resistance And Reconstruction, Feminism And Psychology, G. M. Russell and Kenneth J. Gergen


A Nation Of Second Guesses, New York Times, Barry Schwartz


Are You (A) Depressed Or (B) Depressed?, Times Higher Education Supplement, Barry Schwartz

Capitalism, The Market, The 'Underclass,' And The Future, Towards A Classless Society: Studies In Literature, History, And Politics In Honor Of Thompson Bradley, Barry Schwartz

Choice Cuts, New Republic, Barry Schwartz


Choice Overload Burdens Daily Life, USA Today, Barry Schwartz


Competing for Welfare, Guardian, Barry Schwartz

Do We Have Too Many Choices?, Parade Magazine, Barry Schwartz


The Overwhelmed Shopper, Advertising Age, Barry Schwartz

The Paradox Of Choice: Why More Is Less, The Paradox Of Choice: Why More Is Less, Barry Schwartz


The Tyranny Of Choice, Scientific American, Barry Schwartz

The Tyranny Of Choice, Chronicle Of Higher Education, Barry Schwartz


You Have Choices I Never Had: The New Parenting Problem, Slate, Barry Schwartz

Doing Better But Feeling Worse: The Paradox Of Choice, Positive Psychology In Practice, Barry Schwartz and Andrew Ward

Submissions from 2003


Translation And Competition Among Internal Representations In A Reverse Stroop Effect, Perception And Psychophysics, Frank H. Durgin


Not Letting The Left Leg Know What The Right Leg Is Doing: Limb-Specific Locomotor Adaptation To Sensory-Cue Conflict, Psychological Science, Frank H. Durgin; Laura Frances Fox , '03; and Dong Hoon Kim , '03


A Civil World Beyond Individual And Community, Zivilgesellschaft Zwischen Liberalismus Und Kommunitarismus, Kenneth J. Gergen

Action Research And Orders Of Democracy, Action Research, Kenneth J. Gergen

Beyond Knowing In Organizational Inquiry, Organization, Kenneth J. Gergen

Communication As Coordination, Sprachliche Kommunikation: Ansätze Und Perspektiven, Kenneth J. Gergen

Constructing Human Nature: The Primordial As Prophetic, Human Affairs, Kenneth J. Gergen


Constructionisme Social Et Nouvelles Parentalités, Thérapie Familiale, Kenneth J. Gergen

Constructionnisme Social Et Nouvelles Parentalités, Thérapie Familiale, Kenneth J. Gergen

Critique And Commitment In The Therapeutic Context: A Reply To Alan Bleakley, Journal Of Community And Applied Social Psychology, Kenneth J. Gergen

Positive Psychology: Sampling The Vintage, Contemporary Psychology, Kenneth J. Gergen


Self And Community In The New Floating Worlds, Mobile Democracy: Essays On Society, Self And Politics, Kenneth J. Gergen


Transformative Dialogue, Zeitschrift Für Systemische Therapie Und Beratung, Kenneth J. Gergen, S. McNamee, and F. Barrett

Social Construction: A Reader, Social Construction: A Reader, M. Gergen and Kenneth J. Gergen

Marriage As A Relational Engagement, Feminism And Psychology, M. M. Gergen and Kenneth J. Gergen


Positive Aging, Ways Of Aging, M. M. Gergen and Kenneth J. Gergen

Learned Optimism: The Measurement Of Explanatory Style, Positive Psychological Assessment: A Handbook Of Models And Measures, Jane Gillham

Targeted Prevention Is Not Enough: Commentary On "Treatment Is Not Enough: We Must Prevent Major Depression In Women", Prevention And Treatment, Jane Gillham

The Prevention Of Depression In Adults, Encyclopedia Of Primary Prevention And Health Promotion, Jane Gillham

The Role Of Positive Psychology In Child, Adolescent, And Family Development, Handbook Of Applied Developmental Science: Promoting Positive Child, Adolescent, And Family Development Through Research, Policies, And Programs, Jane Gillham

The Sources Of Young Children's Name Innovations For Novel Artifacts, Journal Of Child Language, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson; Lindsay Noel Herron , '00; and Morghan B. Holt , '03

Dancing Through Minefields: Toward A Qualitative Stance In Psychology, Qualitative Research In Psychology: Expanding Perspectives In Methodology And Design, Jeanne Marecek

Mad Housewives, Double Shifts, Mommy Tracks And Other Invented Realities, Feminism And Psychology, Jeanne Marecek


Review Of "Mad Men And Medusas: Reclaiming Hysteria" By J. Mitchell, Journal Of The History Of The Behavioral Sciences, Jeanne Marecek

Review Of "The Routledge Companion To Feminism And Postfeminism" Edited By S. Gamble, Feminism And Psychology, Jeanne Marecek

Rights Of Clients, Responsibilities Of Therapists, Ethical Conflicts In Psychology, Jeanne Marecek


The View From The Couch, Women's Review Of Books, Jeanne Marecek


Enhanced Retention In The Passive-Avoidance Task By 5-HT1A Receptor Blockade Is Not Associated With Increased Activity Of The Central Nucleus Of The Amygdala, Learning And Memory, Allen M. Schneider; Emily Wilkins , '01; Aaron Alexander Firestone , '01; E. Carr Everbach; J. C. Naylor; and Peter E. Simson , '78

The Prosodic Bootstrapping Of Phrases: Evidence From Prelinguistic Infants, Journal Of Memory And Language, M. Soderstrom, A. Seidl, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson, and P. W. Jusczyk

Can't Quite Commit: Rumination And Uncertainty, Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin, Andrew Ward, S. Lyubomirsky, L. Sousa, and S. Nolen-Hoeksema

Submissions from 2002

An Ostrich On A Rock: Commentary On Christie And Barresi, Consciousness And Cognition, Frank H. Durgin


The Tinkerbell Effect: Motion Perception And Illusion, Journal Of Consciousness Studies, Frank H. Durgin


The Calibration Of Optic Flow Produced By Walking: The Environment Matters, Journal Of Vision, Frank H. Durgin and M. J. Kearns


The Time Of Consciousness And Vice Versa, Consciousness And Cognition, Frank H. Durgin and S. Sternberg

Preventing Depressive Symptoms In Middle School Students: The Penn Resiliency Program, International Journal Of Emergency Mental Health, D. R. Freres, Jane Gillham, K. J. Reivich, and A. J. Shatté

Beyond Autonomy And Community: Relational Being, Die Autonome Person: Eine Europäische Erfindung?, Kenneth J. Gergen

Beyond The Empiricist/Constructionist Divide In Social Psychology, Personality And Social Psychology Review, Kenneth J. Gergen


Ethnographic Representation As Relationship, Ethnographically Speaking: Autoethnography, Literature, And Aesthetics, Kenneth J. Gergen

Foreword, New Paradigms, Cultures And Subjectivity, Kenneth J. Gergen

Psychological Science: To Conserve Or Create?, American Psychologist, Kenneth J. Gergen

Realising Transformative Dialogue, The Transformative Power Of Dialogue, Kenneth J. Gergen


Reflecting On/With My Companions, Social Constructionism And Theology, Kenneth J. Gergen

September 11 And The Global Implications Of Interpretive Inquiry, Qualitative Inquiry, Kenneth J. Gergen


Social Construction And Practical Theology: The Dance Begins, Social Constructionism And Theology, Kenneth J. Gergen

The Challenge Of Absent Presence, Perpetual Contact: Mobile Communication, Private Talk, Public Performance, Kenneth J. Gergen

Toward A Cultural Constructionist Psychology, Kultur (In) Der Psychologie, Kenneth J. Gergen

Blessed Be The Name Of The Father: Generational Echoes, Between Fathers And Sons: Critical Incident Narratives In The Development Of Men's Lives, Kenneth J. Gergen, J. S. Gergen, and C. Martini


Positive Aging: New Images For A New Age, Ageing International, M. M. Gergen and Kenneth J. Gergen

Positive Youth Development, Prevention And Positive Psychology: Commentary On "Positive Youth Development In The United States", Prevention And Treatment, Jane Gillham, K. Reivich, and A. J. Shatte