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Alan Richard Baker, Philosophy
Peter Baumann, Philosophy
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Hugh Lacey, Philosophy
Tamsin E. Lorraine, Philosophy
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Richard Schuldenfrei, Philosophy
Krista Karbowski Thomason, Philosophy


Submissions from 1978

Dualistic Physicalism In Quine: A Radical Critique, Philosophical Forum, Richard Schuldenfrei

Operant Psychology As Factory Psychology, Behaviorism, Barry Schwartz, Richard Schuldenfrei, and Hugh Lacey

Submissions from 1977


Review Of "The Autonomy Of Reason: A Commentary On Kant's 'Groundwork Of The Metaphysic Of Morals'" By R. P. Wolff, Journal Of The History Of Philosophy, Hans Oberdiek

Submissions from 1976


Who Is To Judge?, Ethics, Hans Oberdiek

Submissions from 1975

Review Of "Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance" By R. M. Pirsig, Harvard Educational Review, Richard Schuldenfrei

Submissions from 1974

Moore And The Priorities Of Seeing, Journal Of Philosophy, Charles Raff

Submissions from 1972


Review Of "A Theory Of Justice" By J. Rawls, New York University Law Review, Hans Oberdiek

Quine In Perspective, Journal Of Philosophy, Richard Schuldenfrei

Submissions from 1969

Review Of "A Short History Of Ethics" By A. Macintyre, Journal Of Philosophy, Hans Oberdiek

Eberle On Nominalism In Non-Atomic Systems, Noûs, Richard Schuldenfrei

Submissions from 1968

What The Gödel Formula Says, Mind, Hugh Lacey and G. Joseph