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Krista Karbowski Thomason, Philosophy


Submissions from 2018


What Was Liberal Education?, Los Angeles Review Of Books, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Appropriate Roles For Ethical And Social Values In Scientific Activity, Metascience, Hugh Lacey

Murphy, Jeffrie, Encyclopedia Of The Philosophy Of Law And Social Philosophy, Krista Karbowski Thomason

Naked: The Dark Side Of Shame And Moral Life, Naked: The Dark Side Of Shame And Moral Life, Krista Karbowski Thomason

Submissions from 2017

Mathematical Spandrels, Australasian Journal Of Philosophy, Alan Richard Baker

Mathematics And Explanatory Generality, Philosophia Mathematica, Alan Richard Baker

The Philosophies Of Mathematics, American Mathematical Monthly, Alan Richard Baker


Brains In Vats? Don't Bother!, Episteme, Peter Baumann

Epistemic Contrastivism, Routledge Encyclopedia Of Philosophy, Peter Baumann


Is Everything Revisable?, Ergo, Peter Baumann

Knowledge Requires Belief – And It Doesn’t? On Belief As Such And Belief Necessary For Knowledge, Inquiry, Peter Baumann


Necessarily Incompatible Consistent Wants, Acta Analytica, Peter Baumann


Power, Soft Or Deep? An Attempt At Constructive Criticism, Las Torres de Lucca: Revista Internacional de Filosofía Política, Peter Baumann


Review Of "The Illusion Of Doubt" By G. Schönbaumsfeld, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Peter Baumann


Methodological Individualism Vs. Collectivist Holism In Historical Explanation, History And Theory, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Review Of "Aesthetic Disinterestedness: Art, Experience, And The Self" By T. Hilgers, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Review Of "Irony And Idealism: Rereading Schlegel, Hegel, And Kierkegaard" By F. Rush, European Journal Of Philosophy, Richard Thomas Eldridge

Review Of "The Aesthetics Of Argument" By M. Warner, Mind, Richard Thomas Eldridge


“This Most Human Predicament”: Cavell On Language, Intention, And Desire In Shakespeare, Conversations: The Journal Of Cavellian Studies, Richard Thomas Eldridge


A Bit Of Guidance On Doing Global Science, Metascience, Hugh Lacey

Distinguishing Between Cognitive And Social Values, Current Controversies In Values And Science, Hugh Lacey

The Life And Times Of Transgenics, Research Objects In Their Technological Setting, Hugh Lacey

Review Of "Dark Ghettos: Injustice, Dissent, And Reform" By T. Shelby, Choice, Hans Oberdiek

Review Of "The Evil Of Banality: On The Life And Death Importance Of Thinking" By E. K. Minnich, Choice, Hans Oberdiek

Review Of "The Geography Of Morals: Varieties Of Moral Possibility" By O. J. Flanagan, Choice, Hans Oberdiek

Review Of "The Human Predicament: A Candid Guide To Life's Biggest Questions" By D. Benatar, Choice, Hans Oberdiek


A Good Enough Heart: Kant And The Cultivation Of Emotions, Kantian Review, Krista Karbowski Thomason


Essays In Philosophy: Moral Psychology And War, Essays In Philosophy, Krista Karbowski Thomason

Hampton, Jean (1954–1996), Encyclopedia Of The Philosophy Of Law And Social Philosophy, Krista Karbowski Thomason


Review Of "Anger And Forgiveness: Resentment, Generosity, Justice" By M. C. Nussbaum, Essays In Philosophy, Krista Karbowski Thomason

Submissions from 2016

Non-Optional Projects: Mathematical And Ethical, Explanation In Ethics And Mathematics: Debunking And Dispensability, Alan Richard Baker


Parsimony And Inference To The Best Mathematical Explanation, Synthese, Alan Richard Baker

Review Of "Autonomy Platonism And The Indispensability Argument" By R. Marcus, Philosophia Mathematica, Alan Richard Baker

Epistemic Contextualism: A Defense, Epistemic Contextualism: A Defense, Peter Baumann


Epistemic Contrastivism, Knowledge And Practical Reasoning, Erkenntnis, Peter Baumann


Knowledge Across Contexts. A Problem For Subject-Sensitive Invariantism, Dialogue: Canadian Philosophy Review, Peter Baumann


"Part Of That Force That Always Wills The Evil And Always Produces The Good": On A Devilish Incoherence, S.Ph. Essays And Explorations, Peter Baumann


History, Philosophy, And Political Hope, OUP Blog, Richard Thomas Eldridge

Images Of History: Kant, Benjamin, Freedom, And The Human Subject, Images Of History: Kant, Benjamin, Freedom, And The Human Subject, Richard Thomas Eldridge

Modernist Philosophy?, New Formations, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Philosophy, Literature, Death, And Wisdom: On Philip Kitcher's "Deaths In Venice", Teorema, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Review Of "Reckoning With The Imagination: Wittgenstein And The Aesthetics Of Literary Experience" By C. Altieri, Journal Of Aesthetics And Art Criticism, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Review Of "The Philosophy Of Tragedy" By C. Hamilton, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Richard Thomas Eldridge

The Question Of Truth In Literature, Fictional Characters, Real Problems: The Search For Ethical Content In Literature, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Science, Respect For Nature, And Human Well-Being: Democratic Values And The Responsibilities Of Scientists Today, Foundations Of Science, Hugh Lacey

Review Of "Human Predicaments And What To Do About Them" By J. Kekes, Choice, Hans Oberdiek

Review Of "On Inequality" By H. G. Frankfurt, Choice, Hans Oberdiek


Guilt and Child Soldiers, Ethical Theory And Moral Practice, Krista Karbowski Thomason


Seeing Child Soldiers As Morally Compromised Warriors, The Critique, Krista Karbowski Thomason

Submissions from 2015


Mathematical Explanation In Biology, Explanation In Biology: An Enquiry Into The Diversity Of Explanatory Patterns In The Life Sciences, Alan Richard Baker

Review Of "Mathematics And Scientific Representation" By C. Pincock, British Journal For The Philosophy Of Science, Alan Richard Baker

Begriffe Analysieren?, Erkenntnistheorie: Wie Und Wozu?, Peter Baumann


Meaningful And More Meaningful: A Modest Measure, Journal Of Philosophy Of Life, Peter Baumann


Safety, Virtue, Scepticism: Remarks On Sosa, Croatian Journal Of Philosophy, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Allgemeines, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Apodiktisches, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Assertorisches, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Bejahendes/ Verneinendes, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Besonderes, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Disjunktives, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Einzelnes, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteile, Logische Form Der ("Urteilsform"), Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteile, Quantität/Qualität/Relation/Modalität Der, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Hypothetisches, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Kategorisches, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Logische Funktion Des Verstandes Im, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Problematisches, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Tafel Der Logischen Funktion Des Verstandes Im ("Urteilstafel"), Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann

Urteil, Unendliches, Kant-Lexikon, Peter Baumann


Sul "Soft Power": Alcune Osservazioni, Ácoma, Peter Baumann and G. Cramer

Acknowledging The Moral Law, Why Be Moral?, Richard Thomas Eldridge


On Alan Goldman’s "Philosophy And The Novel", Philosophy And Literature, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Poetry And Emphatic Truth: Walter Benjamin’s Reading Of Hölderlin, Análisis: Revista De Investigación Filosófica, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Preface, Art And Its Objects: With Six Supplementary Essays, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Review Of "After The Beautiful: Hegel And The Philosophy Of Pictorial Modernism" By R. B. Pippin, Mind, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Review Of "Wittgenstein And Natural Religion" By G. Graham, Journal Of Mind And Behavior, Richard Thomas Eldridge

“To Think Exactly And Courageously”: Poetry, Ingeborg Bachmann’s Poetics, And Her Bohemia Poem, Philosophy Of Poetry, Richard Thomas Eldridge


Philosophy As Articulation: Austin And Deleuze On Conceptual Analysis, Beyond The Analytic-Continental Divide: Pluralist Philosophy In The Twenty-First Century, Richard Thomas Eldridge and Tamsin E. Lorraine


A Agroecologia: Uma Ilustração Da Fecundidade Da Pesquisa Multiestratégica, Estudos Avançados, Hugh Lacey


Food And Agricultural Systems For The Future: Science, Emancipation And Human Flourishing, Journal Of Critical Realism, Hugh Lacey

‘Holding’ And ‘Endorsing’ Claims In The Course Of Scientific Activities, Studies In History And Philosophy Of Science Part A, Hugh Lacey

Review Of "Blood And Ink: Ignacio Ellacuría, Jon Sobrino, And The Jesuit Martyrs Of The University Of Central America" By R. Lassalle-Klein, Americas, Hugh Lacey


Science, Emancipation And The Variety Of Forms Of Knowledge, Metascience, Hugh Lacey

Review Of "A Philosophy Of Freedom" By L. Svendsen, Choice, Hans Oberdiek

Review Of "Knowing What To Do: Imagination, Virtue, And Platonism In Ethics" By T. Chappell, Choice, Hans Oberdiek

Review Of "Social Equality: On What It Means To Be Equals," Edited By C. Fourie, F. Schuppert, And I. Wallimann-Helmer, Choice, Hans Oberdiek

Civic Education And The Ideal Of Public Reason, Social Philosophy Today, Krista Karbowski Thomason


Forgiveness Or Fairness?, Philosophical Papers, Krista Karbowski Thomason


Shame, Violence, And Morality, Philosophy And Phenomenological Research, Krista Karbowski Thomason


The Moral Value Of Envy, Southern Journal Of Philosophy, Krista Karbowski Thomason

Transitional Justice As Structural Justice, Theorizing Transitional Justice, Krista Karbowski Thomason

Submissions from 2014


A Contradiction For Contextualism?, Epistemology, Context, And Formalism, Peter Baumann


Defending The One Percent? Poor Arguments For The Rich?, Harvard Review Of Philosophy, Peter Baumann


Knowledge, Assertion, And Inference, Acta Analytica, Peter Baumann


No Luck With Knowledge? On A Dogma Of Epistemology, Philosophy And Phenomenological Research, Peter Baumann

Review Of "I Know: Modal Epistemology And Scepticism" By W. Freitag, Philosophical Quarterly, Peter Baumann

Review Of "Justification And The Truth-Connection" By C. Littlejohn, Analysis, Peter Baumann

Review Of "On Reflection" By H. Kornblith, Philosophical Quarterly, Peter Baumann

Cavell And The American Jeremiad, Journal Of Philosophical Research, Richard Thomas Eldridge

Doch Sehnend Stehst /Am Ufer Du” (“But Longing You Stand On The Shore”): Hölderlin, Philosophy, Subjectivity, And Finitude, The Relevance Of Romanticism: Essays On German Romantic Philosophy, Richard Thomas Eldridge